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LP915  Troweling machine -Gasoline engine
  • LP915  Troweling machine -Gasoline engine

Title: LP915 Troweling machine -Gasoline engine

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Product features:
1. The appearance is beautiful.
2. The humanized handle is set up to handle place can directly give the engine flameout switch, and vibration frequency and blade Angle can be adjusted.The work of a smooth
As a state that the operator feel comfortable.
3. The centrifugal clutch to ensure under no-load starting easier.
4. Adjustable Angle range (blade and the gradient of the ground 0 to 15 degrees).
5. On the same machine interchangeable confinement of different size, such as 36 and 30 inches 
6. After heat treatment of ductile metal blade is more durable.

7. Above design hook machine, easy to handle.

Model LP915
Work width 910mm
Rotation Rate 135-170rpm
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 1810x915x915mm

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