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L310Light floor grinder
  • L310Light floor grinder
  • L310Light floor grinder

Title: L310Light floor grinder

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Description and Application:
Grinding concrete surface and epoxies for not very large area effectively. With vacuum power socket itself, vacuum power cord can be connected to grinder directly.
·   Imported overload protection switch avoids leakage and phases protection.
·   Adjustable grinding depth and height of handle, excellent mobility and stability
·   With vacuum cleaner connecting system and vacuum power socket itself
·   Light, load and unload easily and can work continuously for long periods of time.
·   Grinding epoxy layer, high working efficiency.
·   Coarse, medium and fine grinding disk for your option
·   Cheap grinding head is optional

·   Aero rubber material shock absorption, flexible and durable

Model L310
Power 3.0kw/4hp
Power Requirements 380V 50Hz
Rotation Rate  1450rpm
Weight  66kg
Working Width  250mm
Working Efficiency 120 ㎡/h
Packing dimension (mm) 850×440×990

Model      Part Name                   Speciation                     Color                  Weight
D-250A      grinding disk                  Coarse grade                 Blue             2.14kg
D-250A      grinding disk                  Coarse grade                 Blue
D-250B      grinding disk                  Medium grade                 Red

D-261      wire brush grinding disk

None None

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